I came across this image recently… (source)

It shows some of the top supplement brands in the world and the corporations that own them.

I have nothing against people selling their business, however in many cases this can be seen as selling out. Especially when you look at the problems of conglomerations that occurs. Then often the decreases in quality that will follow.

I don’t know about you, but I do not trust Bayer, Pfizer or Nestle based on their track records as serial criminal organizations for everything from misleading marketing to human rights abuses. (Those track records of Bayer and Pfizer are explored in my Medical Monopoly Musings with extensive references.) 

These mega-corporations shown a record of pinching pennies at the cost of health, even at the cost of people dying.

Therefore, such health products should be suspect at best!

In an article on the dangers of many multivitamins, Sayer Ji wrote, 

“Sodium selenate, a byproduct of copper metal refining, is four times more toxic than the known killing drug, cyanide. Yet, it is proudly listed as a “nutrient” in many common health products. Based on animal studies, we know that a mere 100 milligrams of the stuff are a fatal dose to most humans. The amount found in Centrum is 55 micrograms (mcg); that’s 5 mcg more than the EPA allows in a liter of drinking water before declaring it unsafe for human consumption!”

Selenium found in food and in natural forms is good. Industrial byproducts not so much. That’s just one example of one ingredient found in many multivitamin and mineral supplements such as Centrum.

This is also a big reason you see those studies saying that supplements don’t make people any healthier. 

Beyond all the problems inherent in health research, you have the fact that there’s a world of difference between different supplements.

Yet, I don’t mean this to be guilt by association. I’m not familiar with many of the larger companies here, nor every brand shown. This should NOT be taken as an indictment of everything pictured here.

All this to say, you need to be careful in what you take. Do your due diligence.

On a related note, we have zero plans to sell Lost Empire Herbs. It’s a family run company with plans to remain that way.

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