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We receive a bunch of reviews not just for the individual herbs and formulas, but for Lost Empire Herbs in general. This is because of the information we provide, the service we deliver, as well as the quality of all of the herbs that we make available.

We’re in the business of changing lives!

Our mission is to do that, not just to make a buck. While we are a for-profit business, we are dedicated to helping people. I know that makes us a rare find in the supplement world, but we’re certainly the type that paves our own path.

This is the place to read what others have said and also leave your own story on how we have impacted your life.

(If you’re looking for individual herb or formula reviews, please go to the product in question and click on the reviews tab or the link that displays how many customer reviews there are.)


Once again, if you’re just talking about a single herb, please leave a review on that page. This page talks about Lost Empire Herbs in general, or at least about different herbs you use and love. 

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