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Women's Health

To Support various areas of women’s health and hormones we recommend our Athena Formula. Designed specifically for women it includes 7 of the most powerful Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs for women’s health*
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The Chinese Longevity Herb He Shou Wu promotes healthy immune system function, kidney and liver detoxification, increased SOD (antioxidant), increased NO, supports blood, DNA repair, and more.*
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Greater energy comes from creating balanced and optimized health. Try our Phoenix Formula support just that!* Made with Pine Pollen, He Shou Wi, Shilajit and Ant.
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The beloved mushroom Lion’s Mane can help promote brain health, memory, focus and even helps repair the brain from damage.*
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Hercules is an all-natural pre-workout formula designed to optimize workouts, support quicker recovery time, provide adequate nutrition, and more.*
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Pine Pollen Powder is the #1 choice to support balanced hormones in men and women. Pine Pollen is also loaded with a vast amount of nutrition, providing major support to many functions of the body.*
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Male "T"

If you’re looking to boost T, and better yet, boost free “T” Tongkat Ali can help get that done. In addition to boosting “T,” This herb fights aromatization by preventing the conversion of T to estrogen.*

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