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This book is my magnum opus. It’s my complete healthy living plan full of actionable information that can transform your health and life.

The sub-title is “How Nature Improves Our Happiness, Health and Performance.” That is exactly what I want to show you how to do.

It’s a big book. It’s taken about two and a half years of my life slaving over it. And I really want you to get it because I know it has the power to transform your life as it has mine.

It is rigorously researched (337 references!). And it also contains an old way of thinking so it’s not a dry, academic text either. There are plenty of entertaining stories too.

Help Save the Amazon Rainforest For Every Book Sold

The call to write this book came out of a journey to the Amazon rainforest where I spent time with the indigenous people’s there, the Achuar.


You’ll get to read that full story in the very first chapter. I don’t want to do the injustice of only offering a cliff notes version of it here.

My mission is to help humans live better in alignment with nature. And that means recognizing that we (all the species) are in this together. Trees, like in the rainforest, are necessary for creating oxygen and even controlling the planet’s weather.

This is a real book made of paper, which meant that trees were cut for it. So I want to make up for that sacrifice and then some, so each book comes with a donation to Rainforest Trust.

Rainforest Trust holds Charity Navigator’s highest rating (4/4 stars) for its commitment to transparency, accountability and efficiency. In their 32+ years, they’ve helped preserve 25 million acres.

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PART 1 –
Introduces the concepts and lays the foundations for what is to come, starting with the genesis of how the book came to be.

  • Chapter 1 – Emissary of Nature – How this book began from a journey to the Amazon rainforest, taking Ayuhuasca with the Achuar with visions in not-the-expected-way, and then working with a different shaman about the messaged received.
  • Chapter 2 – My Health Journey – How I got interested in health in the first place, largely to support my strongman goals, as well as how my mother’s dying from breast cancer was the final gift she gave me.
  • Chapter 3 – Principle Based Health – Four principles that I use to guide through the confusing world of health. These include The Human System is a Holistic Ecology, Alignment with Nature, Aim for Radiant Health, and Direct Experience.
  • Chapter 4 – The Fall of Nature, The Rise of Scientism – How did we get so far off track? Describes how we came to denigrate nature through the rise of science and describes many of the flaws in science (including how it is corrupted) showing why it has not and never will give all the answers about health.
  • Chapter 5 – An Old Way of Knowing – Describing a bit more about the direct perception of nature, the alternative path to the scientific that may hold as many useful answers.


PART 2 –
The biggest part of the book. Here individual aspects of nature are looked at in detail with the bigger picture too. Covers the good and the bad, the science, what nature shows us and what to do.

  • Chapter 6 – Air – What we breathe. Covers the poor-quality air in cities, in our houses and offices and what it’s doing to our health. This is followed by how fresh air is much better, including natural technologies that can be used indoors, breathing exercises and more.
  • Chapter 7 – Water – So many people talk about drinking a certain quantity of water. Here the main aspect of quality is addressed. Discusses the horrors of tap water, the ideal of fresh spring water and lots in between.
  • Chapter 8 – Movement – Not exercise, but movement. Covers the natural movements of the human body and how they all fit together. Even discusses how movements change DNA expression.
  • Chapter 9 – Sun – Sunlight has been demonized in our culture. We’re told to avoid the sun and slather on sunscreen when we venture outside. But the benefits of the sun include far more than just vitamin D that so few people realize.
  • Chapter 10 – Light and the Moon – The light of the sun on the eyes is carried on into this chapter. The circadian rhythm, serotonin, melatonin and more are described.
  • Chapter 11 – Earthing – A physical connection to the earth is an electrical connection which has been scientifically shown to have all kinds of benefits from lowering inflammation, decreasing pain, helping sleep and more. It’s time to get grounded!
  • Chapter 12 – Food – Almost all health attention is paid to food. I say ignore food and do all the other things in this book. But if you must know about food here are the natural principles to follow.
  • Chapter 13 – Fast and Feast – Not eating food, aka fasting, has tremendous benefits. After the science and benefits are covered all different types of fasting, intermittent vs. extended, water vs. nutritional, and more are covered. Plus, a bit on the art of feasting.
  • Chapter 14 – Herbalism – Herbs have always been a natural part of our diet. Only in recent years have we gotten away from using them. And herbs extend far beyond the few culinary herbs we do use. Includes an overview of medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, nervines, endocrine supporting herbs, psycho-actives and more.
  • Chapter 15 – Symbiosis – Probably my favorite chapters. This covers the microbiome and so much more. Not just bacteria but also the fungal, viral and even “other” animal component that constitutes us. Gives a glimpse of the fractal view of nature, bigger and smaller life that lives on other life.


PART 3 –
Other aspects of nature, plus showing the real livingness of nature, and even how to communicate to it.

  • Chapter 16 – Fear of Nature – A fear of nature is what stops us from connecting to it in the first place. This short chapter covers some of those fears and begins to break the spell.
  • Chapter 17 – Disconnect to Reconnect – A humorous and impactful story of a shaman answering a cell phone during a ceremony kicks off this discussion of how technology further disconnects us from nature.
  • Chapter 18 – The Multi-Level Benefits of Time in Nature – A bigger picture overview of the benefits of nature. Includes research on “forest bathing” and more of the psychological health benefits, including peak experiences, that exist that our culture is largely disconnected from.
  • Chapter 19 – The Life and Intelligence of Nature – Nature is very much alive. Nature is very much intelligent. Plants possess all the same senses we do, albeit differently. This mind-expanding chapter delves into some of the latest research and will make it so you never look at a tree or plant the same way again.
  • Chapter 20 – Heart Field and Heart Perception – The heart is an organ of perception, just like our eyes or ears. It’s only that we’ve forgotten how to use it. Borrowing heavily from the work of Stephen Harrod Buhner this chapter shows how this is true and how the heart can be used to communicate with the other beings in nature.
  • Chapter 21 – Wild Rose’s Love – A personal story of working with the wild rose in heart perception and the challenge that I was issued and the ensuing transformation.
  • Chapter 22 – The Redwood Growth Strategy – Personal work with the redwood in the same manner, but with very different purpose and outcome.
  • Chapter 23 – Sensory Stimulation with Artist’s Conk – How nature will help to increase your sensory abilities. And how nature herself can teach you how.
  • Chapter 24 – How to Approach Evolving Your Healthy Natural Lifestyle – A short chapter that recaps everything and shows how you can incorporate the lessons from this book into your life.


About the Author

Logan Christopher

Logan Christopher aims to be renaissance man. As a performing strongman he has pulled an 8,800 lb. firetruck by his hair, juggled a kettlebell that was lit on fire, supported half a ton on top of himself in a wrestler’s bridge position, and routinely bends horseshoes and rips decks of cards in half. He teaches these feats of strength, as well as more basic fitness information at Legendary Strength.

Seeking to excel in strength he got interested in health. The deeper he went with that he realized the more it had to do with natural living. He is co-founder and CEO of Lost Empire Herbs which aims to bring performance herbalism into everyday people’s lives.

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