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Want more Hormone Boosting Support? Get our MOST Popular Herb...Pine Pollen Tincture, Guaranteed to Work for You or Your Money Back
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Pine Pollen is being called the “Superfood of the 21st Century” because of the amazing benefits it brings, especially to older guys with its hormonal and sexual supporting action.

And that effect may be doubled or tripled with the Pine Pollen Tincture over the powder, which is inside of Phoenix Formula.

You see, the alcohol draws the hormones out, all the phyto-androgens, the gibberellins, the brassinosteroids and much more.

Then, when you squirt it under your tongue and hold it there, the alcohol absorbs straight into your blood to start working its hormonal magic.

(Please note: We use 70% alcohol by volume to make this drawing and delivery action stronger. Some people feel this burns too much. No wusses allowed!)

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