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Ashwagandha – The Best Herb for Lowering Chronic Stress*
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The only fresh root, biodynamically farmed, spagyrically prepared Ashwagandha tincture. Grown in Oregon, USA…No one else offers this level of quality.

Jeff, our farmer, likes to describe Ashwagandha as “the Great Unclencher.” In our modern-day society, an epidemic of chronic stress surrounds us. And that is why Ashwagandha is becoming even more important.*

In quite a few studies, Ashwagandha has been shown to lower self-perceived levels of stress, as well as cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body.* One placebo-controlled study with 64 subjects, including both men and women, found that after 60 days stress and cortisol were significantly reduced.*

The reduction of stress seems to happen from multiple pathways. This includes less cortisol signaling, modulating inflammation and suppressing neuronal excitation in response to stress.*

That is something we hear from customers taking Ashwagandha regularly. Things or situations that used to stress them out…just don’t seem to anymore.*

In addition to lowering stress, Ashwagandha helps with:

1. Supporting restful sleep*
2. Activity on GABA receptors supports emotional wellbeing*
3. Modulates the immune system*
4. Supports men and women’s hormone health*
5. Supports healthy thyroid hormone function*
6. Increases strength and endurance (including VO2 Max) *
7. Helps protect the nervous system from neurodegeneration*
8. May act as a nootropic, assisting memory, learning, reaction times and other forms of cognition*
9. Protects DNA*

Clicking the "Yes, I Want This Button" will automatically add this product to your order for $29.99.